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Jacqui Shears

Principal Nutritionist

Jacqui is an Integrative Nutritionist and foodie at heart.  She has a Bachelor of Medical Science with Nutrition Major from Central Queensland University. As a practicing member of the Nutrition Society Australia, she is constantly engaged with the latest in industry research.  

Jacqui applies evidence-based Nutritional Medicine philosophy to work preventively through 1:1 consultation. In the clinic, she aims to educate and empower clients to lead a healthier, more fulfilled life while addressing the root cause of your health issue.

Jacqui is passionate about whole-foods and inspiring people to eat in a way that nourishes and fuels their body, guiding them to live a healthier, more balanced life.  

Jacqui has a young family, and it was her son’s Coeliac diagnosis which led her to pursue a career in research and nutrition. She works closely with clients to improve energy, correct hormonal imbalances and enhance sleep through lifestyle and dietary changes. While she enjoys diversity in the clinic, Jacqui has a special interest in Women’s and Children’s health, Thyroid and Autoimmune Conditions, Gut Health and the role diet plays in managing them.  

Jacqui offers one-on-one consultations either via phone or video.