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Hello, we are the Shears family, the heart and soul of The Integrative Health Objective or TIHO as we like to call it.

All boys are coeliac, so we’ll admit we’re a bit different. We have learnt that diet is at the forefront of health throughout our journey. We now use the power of food as a foundation for managing autoimmune conditions, chronic pain and supporting mental health. Our home is in the kitchen. We love entertaining, educating and feeding our family and friends with local produce, wherever we may be.

Braedon is, without a doubt, the head chef at TIHO. A natural in the kitchen, he has a knack for replicating flavours and creating meals that wouldn’t be out of place in a restaurant. With a previous life in the Royal Australian Navy, he spent a lot of time away and discovered his passion for cooking for others upon his return. He now spends his days managing all things business-related at TIHO and assisting Jacqui in developing recipes that cater for client’s individual needs and requirements.

Jacqui is the Nutritionist and the only girl in the family, so she tailors the meals to meet the needs of their growing boys while also keeping them balanced and nutritious. Her family has a history of autoimmune conditions. Off the back of their eldest son’s diagnosis with coeliac disease, she pursued her Bachelor of Medical Science (Nutrition) degree to understand the importance of diet in disease prevention, intervention and management. She has wisdom and empathy beyond her years and works closely with clients to understand their needs to ensure that her prescribing treatment will be suitable and achievable.

The boys are always up for trying new things and are known to order duck, prawns and oysters at restaurants. They have taught us how to navigate the world of school lunches, and they devour all meals (sometimes with a little convincing).

We hope to inspire you to change for better health through food and conventional and complementary approaches.