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We specialise in patient-centred care. By listening to you and learning your story, we can tailor treatments that address your individualised needs. We focus on your lifestyle and diet; we believe that food is medicine, it’s vital for creating the vibrant health you deserve and without it you’re only addressing part of the puzzle. 

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We make integrative healthcare accessible. Our 100% online platform takes the inconvenience out of attending appointments. No more putting off your health until you have the time. You can now attend your consult from the comfort of your own space.

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Kind words

With the help of dietary changes and supplements from Jac, I’ve lost 15kg, have a regular cycle, am regularly ovulating, and have noticed a huge change in the inflammation in my skin. Jac has made this entire process so easy and smooth, and made me feel comfortable the entire way through. From large symptoms, to the smallest of things that I had always thought was “normal”, there’s no doubt that Jac knows her shiz!!!! 

I’m now a lot calmer, happier, healthier, have a NATURAL cycle, and cannot thank Jacqui enough for everything she’s done!!
It really does pay to invest in your health and acquire knowledge about your body and what is actually going on!

Thank you SO much for this. The meal plan looks incredible!
Looking forward to our next appointment. P.S - I had the best night's sleep. You're already working wonders!

I came to Jacqui only a month ago with several ailments on top of a neurological condition. With a thorough consultation Jacqui started me with particular supplements and with understanding of the whole picture of what my body's health was undergoing. Both Jacqui and I have already seen improvements in my energy and vitality level along with skin improvements. The consultations are very relaxed and informative and we have time to discuss any issues at hand which are followed up with emails to compliment the treatment. I highly recommend Jacqui as she is passionate about a healthy body system. I look forward to further health improvements going forward.

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